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Woven Silk Tie

Made from luxurious woven silk our bespoke ties are literally tailored for the needs of the customer. The high quality material makes these ties an exceptional business gift and a strong branding opportunity. Woven to order the ties can include up to 6 colours as standard and personalised designs or logos to creating an attractive and unique product. Ties can also be used for sports and social clubs as part of a corporate uniform or as a gift to recognise exceptional staff performance or service. For an extra touch of style additional colours may be added at additional cost.

Colours: All Colours available
Product size:1500mmH
Print Area:All tie prices are subject to sight of final approved artwork. 1200 stitch designs will generally be plain or striped ties with simple logos. 2400 stitch designs will be more complex with detailed or large logos. Some designs may require a high-weft technique and will be subject to further surcharges.
Product code:002111443
Prices for
50 100 150

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