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Powersound 3500 Charger

Practical Power Charger with dual function: Emergency Charger with built-in lithium battery (3500mAh/3.7V). To be used for charging most mobile devices. Input: 5V-1A. Output: 5V-1A. Compact speaker with perfect sound. Compatible with the most popular makes of smartphones. With USB/audio cable with standard 3.5mm plug and micro USB connector. Includes instructions. The 2-in-1 Power Charger 3500 complies with European directives. When you share the Power Charger capacity (mAh) by the ability of the battery in your mobile device (mAh) you know approximately what percentage or how often you can charge your mobile device. Each piece in a box.

Colours: Silver
Product size:141mmW x 30mmH
Print Area:Print Area:- 55x9
Product code:250590
Prices for
10 25 50

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