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CALL US ON 07961 385887

Mcqueen Led Torch Keyring

Europe’s best selling key ring torch! The McQueen torch comes with a key ring attachment and is made from aluminium with a lacquer finish & silver accents. Available in a range of matte and shiny finishes there’s 9 colours to choose from and with 3 LEDs it produces a powerful light for its compact size. Batteries included.

Colours: Gun Metal/Shiny Silver, Purple/Shiny Silver, Matt Light Green/Shiny Silver, Matt Light Blue/Shiny Silver, Matt Orange/Shiny Silver, Shiny Black/Shiny Silver, Shiny Red/Shiny Silver, Matt Dark Blue/Shiny Silver, Matt Red/Shiny Silver, Shiny Gun Metal/Shiny Silver, Matt Pink/Shiny Silver, Shiny Blue/Shiny Silver, Shiny Purple/Shiny Silver
Product size:
Print Area:Engraving Area:- 32 x 8mm
Product code:13003V
Prices for
100 250 500

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