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CALL US ON 07961 385887

Branded Prosecco – Prosecco Treviso Follador

Old as the hills the Follador winery. Giovanni Follador first blushingly received the Wine Quality Award from the ‘Doge’ or Duke of Venice way back in 1769 and started a rather big and rather tasty ball rolling. His great great (great?) grandson Gianfranco is the one keeping the ball rolling today and boy does he know how to handle this ball. Alright we?ll drop the ball metaphor… this Prosecco has a charmingly fine delicate mousse with pure subtle and fresh flavours of acacia green apple and jasmine. Other wines available.

Colours: Clear/White
Product size:088mmW x 0320mmH x 088mmD
Print Area:
Product code:704114909
Prices for

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