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CALL US ON 07961 385887

Banner Pen

Style 4 Banner Pen with retractable paper banner is our most popular style. Full colour print to both sides of the banner and both sides can have a different design. Option to print on barrel mix ‘n’ match the colours of clip barrel and grip or pantone matching is also available. Large choice of stock colours available. Typical size of the banner 180 x 68mm.Other Banner Pen styles also available. Includes Set Up and Delivery to 1 UK Mainland Address (T&C’s apply).

Colours: Red, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink, Spring Green, Navy, Cyan, White, Brown, Various
Product size:15mmW x 146mmH
Print Area:
Product code:104111575
Prices for
500 1000 2500

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