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CALL US ON 07961 385887

Americano Thermal Mug

The Americano Thermal mug is made in Britain giving you a high quality ultra durable product with a low carbon footprint. It has a double walled design to keep drinks warm for long periods without getting too hot on the outside. It’s available in a huge range of colour combinations for the mug grip and lid which can be mixed and matched to suit your brand. The mug is top rack dishwasher safe microwave safe and BPA free. 350ml capacity. for 2017 we offer the original Americano Mug with the option of a debossed grip StixToGo and a non-spill lid contact us for more details.

Colours: Orange, Lime, Green, Blue, Black, Aqua, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow, Translucent Fuchsia
Product size:155mmH x 95mmD
Print Area:Print Area:- 60mmW x 55mmH
Product code:06304V
Prices for
120 240 480

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