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Americano Grande Thermal Mug

For a modern alternative to traditional thermal mugs look no further than our Americano Grande. This versatile mug has an integrated handle and double walled design to keep drinks warm for long periods. What makes the Americano Grande really special is the fantastic choice of colour options. Choose from a white or black inner and handle then the outer layer of the mug is available in translucent and solid colour options.The mug is BPA free top rack dishwasher safe and microwave safe. 350ml capacity.

Colours: Translucent Lime/White, Translucent Lime/Black, Translucent Purple/Black, Translucent Purple/White, Translucent Orange/Black, Translucent Orange/White, Translucent Dark Blue/Black, Translucent Dark Blue/White, Translucent White/Black, Translucent Fuchsia/Black, Translucent Fuchsia/White, Translucent White/White, Translucent Cyan/White, Translucent Cyan/Black, Translucent Cyan/White, Translucent Cyan/Black, Yellow/White, Yellow/Black, White, White/Black, Red/White, Red/Black, Purple/White, Purple/Black, Pink/White, Pink/Black, Orange/White, Orange/Black, Lime/White, Lime/Black, Green/White, Green/Black, Blue/White, Blue/Black, Black/White, Black, Aqua/White, Aqua/Black, Mid Blue/Black, Mid Blue/White, Translucent Red/White, Translucent Red/Black
Product size:95mmW x 165mmH
Print Area:
Product code:06305V
Prices for
120 240 480

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