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CALL US ON 07961 385887

A4b25 / 2 Ring Binder (spot)

A4B25 / 2 Ring Binder made from 350mic smooth calf PVC over 2250mic grey board fitted with a 2 ring D or O mechanism with 25mm capacity.

Colours: Seville, Starlet, Cardinal, Wine, Flax, Apple Green, Shamrock Green, Sherwood, Summer, Atlantic Blue, Atoll, Baltic Blue, Oxford Blue, Prussian, Sapphire, Eclipse, Viola, Marigold, Canary Yellow, Snow White, Dolphin, Sterling Silver, Ghost
Product size:539mmW x 315mmH x 3mmD
Print Area:Print Area:- Entire Outside Surface
Product code:11405T
Prices for
25 50 100

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